American Choice Modeling

Operations Research

Optimize your entire business from end to end

Operations research is the science of making the most effective use of your company’s skills. We are able to deliver superior operations research results because we use complex resource allocation models to explore both the demand and supply sides of the business. By viewing the whole system and creating controls around it, we can see the effects of different decisions on the entire system by making changes to the controls. This gives us the ability to examine all of the implications of decisions from inputs to outputs. We seek out all of the non value add elements of the business to help you identify what steps need to be taken to maximize your profits, performance and yields and at the same time minimize your risk and costs.

Operations research is especially important when change affects how a company is run. For example, when a company introduces a new product it needs to restructure its production schedules to manufacture the new product. We enable the company to factor in the demand side of the business into the restructuring process, so that they may more closely match supply and demand, ultimately optimizing revenues.