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Branding and Segmentation

Delivering strategy to marketing campaigns

In this day in age, businesses cannot afford to waste resources on marketing efforts that don’t deliver results, or worse, work against the brand. Having the right marketing mix before it hits the market is the key to maximizing your investment return.


Ads are meant to inform buyers about your product and influence them to purchase your product. But how do you know if one ad is more effective than another, and how does it stand up to your competition? We simulate the effect of ads on buyer behavior while taking into account all your questions about competition and effectiveness, so you can make the right decisions about what ads to run. Our previous work has lead to one of our clients winning a Grand Effie for advertising effectiveness.


Creating and maintaining a strong brand is critical for influencing buyers’ product choices and willingness to pay. However branding is not just an art- it’s a science. When brands are created or adjusted you need the best science standing behind the brand plan – not just a pretty picture or hip idea. The science behind the brand stands strong forever and has an indelible impact on the future. Even in uncertain times we provide the strength of planning – separating out the strongest brands, names and positions from their weaker cousins.


American Choice Modeling
A useful market segmentation strategy is one that identifies targetable groups. Yet, there are many pitfalls on the road to achieving a successful segmentation. We have experience in guiding some of the world’s most successful market segmentation projects, and an approach that avoids much of what ails many market segmentation studies. Using nominal and ordinal fact-based scales, we gain segmentation solutions that are actionable, not just informative. Our techniques are especially applicable to segmenting some of the world’s most difficult to research populations, such as businesses across international borders. Gain results from your segmentation, not just insights.