American Choice Modeling


We are your outsourced solution for high end analytics and modeling 

American Choice Modeling is a market modeling and simulation firm that is focused on solving business problems using the most powerful techniques available. We deliver solutions to marketing decisions whose outcomes ultimately drive bottom-line results. Firms utilizing the types of solutions we have developed typically improve profitability 20% and derive direct bottom-line impact upwards of tens of millions of dollars. See how we can:

Exceed Your Expectations

We deliver the best advice for solving complex business problems. You will be amazed at how we can simplify even the most sophisticated problems and deliver optimized solutions. The clarity of our models leaves our clients feeling confident that they can make the best decisions for their situation.

Beyond Accurate

Our team has perfected the art of framing problems of increasing levels of complexity. By using the most advanced modeling techniques available, like discrete choice modeling, we can examine buyers’ preferences, the competitive environment and even the effects of decision making on future revenues, demand and market share up to a year in the future as little as 1% error, giving you a level of insight about your customers, markets and industry you didn’t think possible.

Intuitive Tools

Our tools give our clients clear answers to their questions. Our personalized and easy to use dashboards make navigating the model intuitive and give clients the freedom to explore different scenarios and outcomes of decisions on their businesses.

Unique Results

Every business environment is different and each is full of intricate details that only an expert marketing scientist can adequately build into a model for optimal and accurate results. Despite what many analytic software vendors would have you think, there are no out-of-box software solutions for making analytics a reality. If you are serious about analytics, then you need an analytics team. We are that team.

History of Excellence

Our team has been delivering superior results for years. The American Marketing Association has recognized our leadership and our work has lead to such awards as:

SPSS Insights Research Firm of the Year
Grand Effie Advertising Campaign Effectiveness
Interbrand Strategy Project of the Year
Research Project of the Year
Abbott People Accelerating Commercial Excellence

Transform Your Company

We transform our clients into market leaders by providing them with the best data based information possible about their industries and markets, so they can mitigate risks and feel confident about their business decisions.

Data On Demand

Our outsourced analytical solutions give our clients accurate, data based information to supplement their qualitative expertise without the crippling costs of hiring a full time marketing scientist. There are only a handful of marketing scientists in the world that can create sophisticated models with the same high degree of accuracy as American Choice Modeling. It takes years of experience and learning to be able to produce results with the level of accuracy and optimization as ours. The flexibility of getting answers when you need them can help smaller firms build a reputation for excellence, while helping larger firms handle more business before it is time to hire another full time employee.

End ambiguity

Our clients are faced with uncertainty about the future of their markets and industries. We transform them into confident decision makers by taking away the risk associated with uncertainty. By using data based evidence in our models, we are able to derive the full implications and outcomes of all the possible scenarios. By optimizing this information, we find the best solutions for our clients and help them make educated decisions to optimize profitability, mitigate risk and alleviate uncertainty.

Help You Win

We not only help our clients win new clients by providing services to explain the added value of data based modeling, but we also help our clients develop winning brands to strengthen their positions in the competitive market place.

Winning Clients

We partner with our clients to help them create winning proposals for research and consulting. Our involvement in the sales process can help your firm secure clients by showing them that you are committed to using the best data based information available. We can create mock up simulators and explain the modeling process to show the client the added value of hiring a firm with strong relationship with marketing sciences expert.

Winning Brands

By providing the best results for your clients, you not only keep them happy, you also build valuable brand equity. Strengthen your firm’s reputation for having most comprehensive and state of the art methods for finding business solutions available by using American Choice Modeling as your go to provider for analytical solutions.