American Choice Modeling

What We Do…

American Choice Modeling delivers Efficient, Customized, Accurate, Award Winning Quantitative Modeling Services. We are the firm behind the scenes of many corporate success stories by supporting consulting, marketing research, advertising firms and private equity companies with thought leading services.

We're passionate about helping businesses solve their critical marketing challenges. Discrete Choice / Complex conjoint methods are a key way we deliver award winning strategy solutions to some of the world's leading corporations.

Complex Conjoint/DCM

The most accurate market estimation models available, Complex Conjoint and Discrete Choice models capture full the cross-effects of complex marketing problems, and gives executives rock solid market forecasts they need to make decisions with confidence.

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Branding & Market Segmentation

Branding & Market Segmentation helps solve some of the most critical questions that perplex businesses today. American Choice Modeling has data driven solution for developing solid marketing, advertising and branding strategies.

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Operations Research

Utilizing best-in-class Operations Research methods, we help businesses unlock their greatest efficiencies through novel computationally complex solutions. Powerful tools and computing techniques can make this happen. See how it can be done for you.

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Agent-Based Methods

By using simulation of autonomous agents, we can help solve some of the most intractable problems businesses face. Agent-Based Methods offer a new perspective with a bottoms up approach to help support business decision making with a whole new level of insight.

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